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Best Father's Day Gift for Dad!!

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Everyone has to agree, Dads are special! Doesn’t he deserve a special gift on a day that’s just for him? We think so, and we all know that Dads don’t like to ask for things. Whether it’s the strain of tension creeping up his back from sitting in front of his desk all day long; or his full body aches from the heavy lifting and daily physical labor. He still deserves to know just how special he is. So this year let’s make sure he gets a surprise that will surely touch him in a way that he might not be able to enjoy on a regular basis.

Massagetherapy.com says that a deep tissue massage can increase the circulation of blood and flow of lymph. Lymph is the fluid that carries impurities and waste away from the muscle tissue; but it does not flow like blood does in the body. They go on to mention that massage dramatically helps the movement of lymph in two ways1

  • When lymph pools in the body due to inactivity the massage helps to get it circulating again
  • When there is an increased production of lymph due to vigorous activity, the muscles can cramp and cause unwanted pain and fatigue.

Again, massage gets the circulation going.

According to The University of Maryland, deep tissue massage is effective and affordable in helping to2:

  • Reduce Chronic Pain
  • Improve Blood Pressure
  • Break Up Scar Tissue
  • Rehabilitate Injured Muscles
  • Relieve Stress

Whether Dad is busy all the time doing what Dads do, or just needs a reason to get out of the house; we want to make sure he gets the perfect gift! Our Deep Muscle Aromatherapy Essentials Massage Candle is made with a special blend of essential oils designed to boost his energy, focus, memory, mood, and ultimately enhance his deep tissue massage. You can be sure he will not only feel good when he gets his massage, but also his aches and pains will finally feel some relief! Pairing our Deep Muscle Aromatherapy Essential Scandle Candle with his next professional massage, or a massage from a loved one. It is the perfect way to help Dad relax and enjoy his special day!

Scandle prides ourselves in our premium quality, spa grade products that you can blow out and pour directly on the skin. No need to worry…our candles melt just a few degrees above body temperature to make your massage amazingly warm and inviting. The great thing about Scandle Candle is that you Blow it Out. Pour it On.

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