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Celebrating Mom's Everywhere!!

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Scandle Massage Candle

Hello Scandle Team Members!Are you ready for the next very important holiday?Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to start getting ready.We know that every mom is different, but there are some gifts that are sure to please, no matter what.A massage with her favorite Scandle fragrance is a guaranteed win.

Hot Stone Massage Benefits

Here at Scandle, we’re not just focused on the relaxation benefits from massages, but also the health advantages and industry trends as well. Every day there is more and more information available on the benefits of specific types of massage for health issues impacting millions across the world. One we're especially focused on lately is the hot stone massage. According to the Massage Therapy Guide, one of the first and foremost advantages of a hot stone massage is that it works as one of the most effective stress-busters. It helps release tension, whether it is related to work or personal issues, by helping the mind relax. One of the important clinical benefits of a hot stone massage is that it helps relax muscles and enables deep tissue manipulation. Hot stone massage works to release fatigue, thereby playing a major role in fighting insomnia. Also, muscle spasms and other muscular pains and ailments can be treated with this form of massage. The human body often contains a lot of unwanted toxins; and the accumulation of such toxins can prove to be dangerous for the person over a long period of time. A hot stone massage helps release such body toxins effectively1.

Hummingbirds and Lavender...Gifts Every Mom Will Love

Are you searching for just the right fragrance for Mom?We have some amazing options that you can choose from.Our Lavendermassage candle is a wonderful aroma of true lavender flowers with a hint of vanilla.This candle will bring to mind all the flowers of Spring that your mother loves.Another great option is our Hummingbird massage candle.This original fragrance combines kiwi, lilac, tiger lily, pineapples and pears and embodies the love of not only spring, but the approaching summer.You can’t go wrong with these two top sellers! 

Blow it Out. Pour it On.

Scandle prides ourselves in our premium quality, spa grade products that you can blow out and pour directly on the skin. No need to worry…our candles melt just a few degrees above body temperature to make your massage amazingly warm and inviting.

The great thing about Scandle Candle is that youBlow it Out. Pour it On.

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