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What are the ingredients in the Scandle Candle?

We take a lot of pride in our ingredients. In fact, our ingredients are so important we created an entire page about them. From our premium soy wax blend to our organic essential oils we only use the best to create the Scandle Experience. Learn more here.

Are your Candles Gluten Free?

Yes, our Candles are made of gluten free ingredients.

How many applications can you achieve from a Scandle Candle?

Our 10 oz. Skin Candle gives an average of 4-6 full body massages. Depending on your glide preference, body size of your client and the type of massage given you may get more or less. If you choose to use it for specific body parts (i.e. hands, feet, legs, etc.) you will prolong the life of your candle respectively.

What is the average burn time of a Scandle Candle?

Our candles can be used for very different purposes so we give a range for our different sizes of canisters.

  • 10 oz. Canister: 30-40 hours
  • 7 oz. Refill: 20-30 hours
  • 4 oz. Metal Tin: 12-16 hours
  • 2 oz. Metal Tin: 6-8 hours

Are Scandle's Candles environmentally friendly?

Scandle Candles are environmentally friendly because they are

  • All natural and made from FDA approved ingredients including shea butter, cosmetic grade soy butter, jojoba, vitamin E, & body safe fragrance or essential oils.
  • Made of a renewable resource
  • Contain no Stearic Acid
  • Have all cotton wicks that contain no lead or zinc
  • Contains no paraffin or petroleum
  • Free of UV inhibitors and dyes
Learn more about Our Ingredients. 

What is the benefit of high grade cosmetic soy used in Scandle Candles?

There are several benefits of soy that can never be replicated with paraffin candles or other vegetable based candles:

  • Does not emit toxins while burning

  • Emits an incredibly small amount of soot
  • Biodegradable
  • Lower melting point means longer burning times
  • Supports US farmers

Why doesn't Scandle use paraffin in their blends?

Paraffin is a petroleum product - a byproduct of oil refining. As a result, it contains dangerous toxins and carcinogens such as benzene, acetone, lead & mercury when burned. These toxins cause some people to get headaches when paraffin candles are burning. Moreover, paraffin produces more soot that coats ceilings and walls damaging your home or office. Paraffin also burns at a higher temperature meaning that it burns faster. So paraffin free means you get a longer burn time and it’s better for the mind, body, and environment.

What is your return policy?

We do not accept any returns at this time. To make sure you are satisfied with the fragrances you choose please consider our Fragrance Set so that you can smell our options before making a large purchase. However, if your product is shipped and damaged, please contact us immediately so that we can help you.

Who shouldn’t use a Scandle Candle?

Because our blends contains soy, jojoba, and shea oils please do not use our candle products if you have allergies to nuts or any other related products.

What are some uses for Scandle's Skin Candles?

You can light our Skin Candles just like any other candle and burn it for ambiance, aromatherapy, and fragrance or you can use the melted portion as a body moisturizer, massage lotion, or as a cuticle treatment for manicures and pedicures. When used in conjunction with our Skin Scrubs the Scandle is transformed into a therapeutic exfoliant to reveal healthy and radiant skin.

How do I use a Scandle Body Massage Candle?

Simply light the Scandle Candle(we recommend for about 30 minutes or until the melt pool reaches the container's edge so that the candle will continue to burn evenly with every use). Then, extinguish the flame and apply a small amount on to desired area (we recommend a quarter size to start). When done, allow the candle to cool. The liquid will re-congeal to a solid state permitting additional applications. If you would rather not burn your Scandle, you can also scoop a little out using a spoon and simply rub it directly on your skin! You can check out our videos here.

Why would I need a Warming Lamp?

If you would like to prolong the life of your Scandle and also have ready to use oil or lotion to use throughout the day, we highly recommend our Scandle Lamp. Unlike traditional heat plates, The Scandle Lamp heats the candle from the top down. This keeps the canister from becoming too hot and bursting (which many customers have reported happening with their traditional candles in glass votives on hot plates) and keeps it cool enough to pick up and use. Furthermore by melting only the top portion of the Scandle, as opposed to melting the entire candle with a hot plate, The Scandle Lamp does not dispurse the fragrance molecules from the entire candle…resulting in longer lasting fragrance throw.

Do Skin Candles hurt when you use them?

Our candle blends have a melting point just a few degrees above body temperature so don’t be afraid to pour the warm massage oil directly on to your skin. Blow it out, Pour it On. You’ll be surprised at how comfortable our candles feel and how easy they are to use without having to wait for the wax to cool. Just remember to blow out the flame before you apply any part of it to skin.

How is your product packaged?

We offer a variety of solutions for your skin candle needs. Our hand-fired Ceramic Canister (10 oz.) has a built in pour spout and is re-usable with any of our Refill Candles. We also offer smaller sizes (2 oz. and 4 oz.) in metal tins for more portability and flexibility in your fragrance options.

What makes a Scandle Candle different than other “massage candles” on the market?

To learn more about why our solutions make Scandle different from all the rest check out The Scandle Difference.

What is the difference between Aromatherapy Essentials and Original Fragrances?

To make our premium body candles we use only the best ingredients in all of our blends. The natural carrier blend is the same in both product lines (i.e. soy butter, jojoba oil, shea butter) so you won’t see a difference in glide or consistency. The difference is in the fragrance oils used in each product line.

Our Aromatherapy Essentials line is made with organic pure essential oils that will give you a therapeutic spa experience with essential oils that benefit the mind and body. Read more about our Aromatherapy Benefits here.

Our Original Fragrances are made with skin-safe man-made fragrance oils (containing no animal byproduct). These blends are created with your favorites in mind. From comforting Warm Vanilla Sugar to refreshing Margarita we have the traditional fragrances you love and more.

Can I sample your product to see which ones I like?

We absolutely recommend trying our product before placing an order, especially with our wholesale program. With so many fragrance options it can be difficult to know which ones are best for your or your business. That’s why we offer a Fragrance Set that gives you the opportunity to smell 20 different aromas that we offer. You can choose between our Originals Fragrance Set or our Aromatherapy Essentials and Top Selling Originals Set. If you have more questions about our wholesale program please read more here.

Do you Dropship?

No, but we value our business relationships with wholesalers, retails and distributers so please contact us to learn more the details of how you can become one of our partners.

What is your Privacy Policy?

You can view our Privacy Policy here.

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