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Private Label Body Massage Candles

Strengthen Your Brand Name

Keep customers coming back for your unique body massage candles with our private label program and unique massage candle concepts. Our private label program allows you to build on your existing porfolio with quality you can trust.

You can custom order our Scandle massage candles in a variety of shapes and sizes including: Tealights, Balmoral Jars, Square Votives, Seamless Tins, Status Rock Jars, our Porcelain Canister, or any canister you desire. We design a label with your logo and business name/information. We pour them, label them, and ship them to you! Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

We offer over 5000 fragrances/essential oils for you to choose from and can incorporate your own signature or specialty fragrance.

Our private label program provides you:private-label-body-massage-candles.png

  • Customized candles with your specific branding
  • Low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)
  • Ability to design your fragrance, container, and volume
  • Additional revenue streams
  • Unique talking points with your customers
  • New opportunities for brand recognition

Call us now at 940-239-7538 or Email Us and we will follow up with you to understand your exact needs to provide your company with a unique, customized product.

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