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Scandle's Testimonials

Everybody loves a Scandle....

”I vote your Scandle Candle the product of the year, every women should have at least one, if not several. It is a great all over thebody product, plus for your hands and feet. For couples it is a wonderful way to share intimate moments. I recommend these precious candles to my Spa, and they love them and have ordered them. Thanks for this wonderful product!” – Annette Testa – Annette’s Electrolysis & Beauty Clinic, New Zealand

“Scandle Candle is one of the best products I have ever been introduced to. The candles melt quickly in various scents, a little goes a very long way, and the skin feels like silk after using. I highly recommend this product for those offering body treatments and massages. Not only does Scandle make your service unique, it also gives you an opportunity for increased retail sales. One thing I value above all else is the effort Scandle puts into supporting the spa industry through educational events.” - Gena DeAn Potter Flores

“OMG! This is the best…you have the best product name I’ve come across in a year in this job, and I hear about a LOT of products!” - Sara Benincasa Donnelly – Cosmo Radio Sirius XM

“I wanted to let you know that everything came in perfect condition…I am very excited to have the products here and pleased to have sold several already…I look forward to many more re-orders.” - April Parker - Serenity Massage

“Thank you so much. Your customer service has been the best since day one! I hope we have a lot of business together….” - Terri Facer - Maia Roman Spa - Urbana, IL

“I thought it would be a fun idea as a gift for the host of my spa parties…my clients loved it. “-Nyanza Steward, Sweetest Touch Massage

“Special warming lamps…refill ability…Scandle wins again!” - Lauren Elizabeth - Skincare by Lauren Elizabeth

“Just got my japanese blossom….love love love it!!!!!!!” - Victoria Dianne - Victoria Dianne’s Day Spa, NC

“I’ve had a good response from [The Scandle] and have enjoyed them myself.   They are very nice on my skin…just what I’ve been looking for to go along with my other natural products.  Thank you again for such an enjoyable product!” – Teresa Price Boday – Singing Quail Soap Company LLC

“Greatest idea ever invented!” - Candace Wampler Jeffers

“Just received my first two Scandle Candles earlier this week. While I hate to admit that I was even skeptical in the first place, this product has totally blown me away. Many lotions that I’ve used for massage either absorb too quickly, or are just plain greasy. Not Scandle Candles! They have a very luxurious feel, and don’t disappear the way a lot of lotions do. I will be telling ALLLL my friends about Scandle Candle!” - Jennifer Rice – Hampshire, IL

“I wanted to let you know that I received my Coconut Kiss Scandle Shimmering Body Candle today and love the way it smells! I am actually going to give it as a gift to my massage therapist, who I’m sure will share this product info with others.  Thank-you so much for making such an environmentally friendly and creative product…” - Jessica Patrick

“I look forward to each time I can satiate my skin with Scandle.” - Shonda Knowlton

“Love love love your product. It eases aches, cares for skin..especially my dry skin…and smells delicious. ..Thanks so much” - Vonnihondra

“The fragrance is heavenly and once lit and used, it left my skin feeling soft and hydrated.” -Michelle Giera

“It is the perfect combination for pampering yourself!” - Cara Nitz

“This oil was so luxurious it left me feeling moisturized and soft for days!” - Anna Christiansen

“Love the concept of a two in one product! “- Karen Gonyea

“It smelt so good and I just wanted to eat it! “- Laura Carrillo

“I poured a little onto my fingers and applied it onto my hands and noticed right away how it penetrated my skin and did not leave any oily feeling. And it left a beautiful scent. Not too harsh.” - Nathalie Brault

“I love the name of your candle and the neat concept!” - Melodie Saladino

“Love the product!!!!!!” - Ann M. Devers

“This is a fun and wonderful way to pamper and spoil yourself that I don’t think I will be seeing my bottled lotions any time soon.” - Sarah Khan – Salad for Breakfast

“The Scandle Body Massage Candle is perfect as a body moisturizer, warm body massage oil, or as a soothing Vitamin E rich lotion for manicures and pedicures.” - Heather Diotte – blogger, Cool Canucks

“We just love this totally cool candle that is made from 100% natural ingredients! I love how it gives my skin a natural shimmer and leaves it very hydrated!” - Stacey Moore – All Because Two People Fell in Love

“It (Shimmering Lotion Candle) felt wonderful. It smells incredible. My legs look like they are healthy and glowing. It’s like the light reflects off of them. AWESOME. I am seriously over the moon with this product. It’s a treat for my skin. How do they do that? Must be magic.” - Michelle Underwood – blogger, This Crazy Life

“Ladies, you are in for a TREAT! I love candles, I love lotion, I love shimmery things! This (Shimmering Lotion) candle is all I hoped it would be and much more.” - It’s Me Melbie Reviews & Giveaways

“The texture of the (Shimmering Lotion) candle was wonderful on my skin and I loved the shimmery look.” - Aleksandra Nearing – blogger, Busy Working Mama

“This is an amazing product that I look forward to using often.. I have paid $30 for hot oil manicures and I like this much better. Not only do I save money but I can apply this whenever I want to.” - Janet Fricano – blogger, Grammy Janet’s Place

“No words can express how much I love the Dead Sea Salt Scrub!” - Rebecca Lee Morgan – Bzzing Mom Blog

“I got my order today and I am very pleased! They smell wonderful. Thank you very much! I will order again!” - Deanna Walz

“I must really like a product to talk about it twice but I could not let Valentine’s Day pass without mentioning Scandle Candle again. These candles are magnificent.” - Zack – Coupon Dad Blog

“I love a good Scandle! Since I first tried your lotion candles last year, I’ve been hooked. “-Donna Maria Coles Johnson – Indie Beauty Network

“After personally using the Scandle at home, I felt like I had just left the Spa! It would be a great candle to keep on your night stand too!” - Brandi – Free Sample Freak

“It worked really great!!! I used it on my hands and not only were they soft but my cuticles looked amazing. It’s been almost 24 hours since I used it and my cuticles still look great and of course I’ve washed my hands several times. “- Frugal Rhode Island Mama

“I was a little skeptical about the Scandle Body Massage Candle — could a candle really burn at a low enough temperature to use as a massage oil? Well, yes it can, and it was a nice treat at the end of a long day. The Scandle Candles combine aromatherapy and relaxation into one!” - Tara Kuczykowski – Deal Seeking Mom

“The ingenious ceramic candle holder/oil dispenser is refillable so that you can try all of the enticing fragrances. So it’s not like giving a candle as much as it’s like giving many wonderful nights together.” - Just Cause Magazine

“What a NEAT candle! You get the candle AND the massage oil/lotion in one! Genius!” - Kim Delatorre

“The best candles on the market! I originally bought them to re-sell but loved it so much I gave most of them away!” - Tracy Lay Thomas

“I have been waiting for something like this! The scents are great and they practically sell themselves in my office.” - April Parker

“Scandle makes a great product! Not only do they allow for a warm massage in what can be a chilly room, there are natural moisturizers in their product which massage therapists, like myself, use anyway. That means the ingredients are good for massage–and not just fun to play with.” - Mary Elizabeth Gomez

“Not only did I love it, but so did my 11 year old daughter. What a fantastic product!” - Janna Beckerman

“I received the candles from your company and they’re very nice. The presentation is beautiful. As i was looking at the candles, one of our customers purchased 2 of them. She loved them.” - Fernando Murguia- Sybaris Pool Suites

“I love the Scandle and will definitely be ordering more. They would make awesome gifts for so many different people.” - Mom Fuse “Mommy Reviewer” Dore

“I like that the packaging offers a spout, making it easy to pour. I like that the candle is 10 oz and sells for $21.95, as opposed to say… JimmyJane’s 5 oz massage candle that sells for $25. Do the math!” - Andrea Kane – The Organic Beauty Expert

“It melts into a great mixture of oil and butter and it absorbs really well into the skin. And, the scent takes over your senses so it’s more than just applying lotion to your body.” - Jessica – The Army Wife

“Just the perfect amount for a moisturizing hand treatment. I treated my cuticles to it and the oils just melted right in.. smelled great and the next a.m. had soft and perfect nails to show off. This is truly a heaven sent product.” - Elke Von Freudenberg

“One of the things I love about the Scandle Candle is that it doesn’t take much oil to give a soothing massage. Just a drop or two goes a very long way.” - The Glamorous WAHM

“The Scandle is truly a fun and safe way to pamper yourself at home with a spa experience.” -Erika Pitera – My Shopping Connection

“This candle is my favorite candle yet! Not only does it smell good, it leaves my skin smelling and feeling great too!” - Stefani – Mommy Enterprises

“A true beauty and relaxation find for massage by candlelight.” - Beauty in the Bag

“This is a brilliant idea. The fig & brown sugar smell is amazing, and the warm wax is great for massage. “- Beauty in the Bag

“We have never seen a candle quite as innovative as Scandle’s. As a candle, it makes your home feel cozy and as a body oil it is ideal for a luxurious massage.” - Beauty and Lace

“Judging by my own personal experience and ultra-sensitive skin, I would gladly recommend this to any woman who loves uniquely-scented candles, paired with hot body oil.” - Laura Anne Rega – Best Body Magazine

“I love it. In fact, I brought the Scandle to work with me and everyone keeps trying to sneak away with it.” - Kelly Gould – Gouldylox Reviews

“Thank you very much for the outstanding customer service!” - Don Page

“I received the Uplifting Scent. I am enjoying it. This is a pleasure that I enjoy after a long day of being a stay at home mom that chases a 1 year old, home school our 14 year old son and work on creating my own business…WHEW! This has really come in handy!” - LaQuetia L. Gilliard

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