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Spa Products

At Scandle, we're all about innovation and quality skin care. Our Spa Products were introduced to give you the options of creating custom skin treatments that go further than just nourishing the skin. Our skin scrubs can be paired with the massage oil from our candles to create up to 46 different treatments for exfoliation, aromatherapy and to rejuvenate skin cell growth. Or you can try our Dead Sea Salt Scrub as a Soak in your manicure and pedicure services. The options are endless...

The Shave and Shower Foam uses essential oil blends to prep, cleanse, and soothe skin for hair removal on all skin types and genders. (Our estheticians love that this products accomplishes all three processes.) 

Don't forget our Spa Accessories. We understand that sometimes lighting a candle isn't suitable or practical for some environments. Our Scandle Warming Lamp will evenly melt your candle with no flame and no hassle.

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